Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Super Luigi U

Gamer Rant Alert!

Over the years, Nintendo has been losing my interest. With gimmick after gimmick, they have been slowly weeding away their fan base, and focusing more on the casual gamer. I believe this is wrong. I didn't buy a wii. I did however steal my parents. And I have no plans on getting a WiiU.

So really, the announcement of New Super Luigi U shouldn't have impacted me in the least. A game on a console I don't own. But I did find it charming that Luigi had crossed out Mario's name, and decided he was going to be the main character. Ah, no mario, brilliant. But they need a fourth!

For a moment, I foolishly thought "Princess Peach? are they bringing Princess Peach!?" No. No they did not.
They brought in Nabbit. I'll admit, no idea who Nabbit is. None at all. But... he doesn't take damage, and he doesn't get power up. It's "little brother" mode. And that... that's just frusterating.

I would have been excited to have the princess as a playable character! (though not in little brother mode. that would be insulting!) Give her some overalls if you're afraid of her dress physiques. Tie her hair up so its easier to animate, and off you go! Girl gamers (and there's more of us than you think, is this STILL an issue?!) would be pleased. At least, I would be.

So this is my piece. Bring princess peach back. Don't worry Nintendo, you don't have to make her float, like in Mario 2, and if you need someone to design her wearing the different power ups, I will gladly take the position!


ps. In Super Princess Peach (which wasnt a great title, but i appreciate the effort, even though the dumbed it down to almost infantile level. Because girls can't game.... uuuuuuuggghhhh!!) Peach's emotions trigger powers. In my opinion, Luigi would be toast. (heh)

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