Thursday, July 25, 2013

The 4th wall is the weakest

Ah the Deadpool game...! I have a big love-hate relationship with this game
If you are at all interested, I would suggest buying it on sale, or renting it.
It is definetly worth playing, the laughs alone were brilliant! The deadpool game is well written. The cutscenes will never let you down. The sheer randomness of some of the game is mind-boggling. But the combat... the combat is bad, and i mean BAD. It is tedious, boring, and lackluster. Just keep spamming buttons until things die. And clones come at you in unrealistic, unrelenting waves. It was a serious flaw. But not enough to make the game unworthy of your attention.

Do you like crude humour, randomness, and the idea of Deadpool slapping Wolverine's ass gives you a giggle, check this out!

I for one have no regrets.

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