Saturday, April 5, 2014

Recycling Perks

So yes, Nichole ter Horst is an AMAZING artist who I've had the privileged to meet and work with on Fish Hooks! She was quite confused when she came in my office one day and saw her thrown out artwork plastered on the wall behind me... eheheh... they are just SO CUTE AND GOOD!  Besides, REUSING is better than RECYCLING right?  Ehehe... ehe.... ^_^*

After her initial surprise I did ask her if it was okay that I was hanging up her throwaways, and she laughed and said it was fine.  She even poked her head in the office one day to inform me "I've just recycled some of my sketches - just letting you know!" XD

Annoyed by the blank drawings of hers in this comic?  Well then check out her work at !!!  

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